Friday, February 14, 2014

Move over upstart and make way for systemd

Earlier this week the Debian technical committee voted to make systemd the default init system for Debian. It was a nail-biter to follow, and it essentially came down to a tie-breaker vote cast by Bdale Garbee.

The result is clear: systemd will be the default init system for Debian -- and also Ubuntu -- going forward.

Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical confirmed Ubuntu's decision to follow suit in a blog post called "Losing Graciously". No drama, no attempt to revote or repeal the vote.

If only politics worked that smoothly.

Now it's time to familiarize yourself with systemd. I recommend you start writing all future init scripts in systemd.

The time frame for obsolescence of upstart and sysVinit is unclear for Ubuntu, but I predict around 7 years, so you have time to migrate.

Here's how I got that number (remember that odd number of releases are 2 year support):

13.04 is already out and obviously not part of the decision
14.04 is too far into the development stages
15.04 nobody will use because it's not "true" LTS
16.04: the only logical next release to enforce this decision.

I'll be writing more about systemd in the future. First I'm going to begin my own conversation from upstart so I can figure out how to use the dang thing. I'm glad that now I can write a service that will work across multiple distros.

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